EARasers natural open design allows sound to travel closer to the eardrum before being filtered.  No more muffled or underwater sound.  Musicians! Concert Go-ers! Exposure to Loud Music/Sound! EARasers filter loud noise so you can enjoy sound at a safe, comfortable level.

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Product Description

  • EARasers “Smart Seal” conforms to your earshape, creating a more natural feel you can wear comfortably for hours.
  • EARasers can be easily cleaned and Re-Used.
  • Why pay custom prices? EARasers surpass the others by Fit, Clarity, and Price!
  • EARasers don’t plug up your ears and muffle sound like conventional earplugs
  • Reduces 19dB of harmful high frequency sounds
  • The worlds first flat frequency response earplug
  • Smart Seal ™ technology ensures the perfect fit
  • Made of soft silicone


“V-Filter”™  Acoustic Resonance Technology:   We have the only passive earplug in the world that essentially inverts the natural resonance of your ear canal.  While the resonance of the ear does a fine job at amplifying soft sounds, it is the main reason loud sounds become unbearable.   The natural ear canal will add 17-20 decibels of sound at 2700Hz which you simply don’t need in a loud environment such as listening to a live concert.  By inverting the natural resonance of the ear canal, we achieved the only flat frequency response earplug on the planet!   (+- 4.5dB; 125Hz – 8000Hz).   While other brands offer a “flat attenuator” they are still causing a peak resonance in the most likely region for hearing loss and discomfort especially in loud environments.   There is a big difference between “Flat attenuation” and a “Flat frequency response!”


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